5 Hidden Dangers that Lurks in your Bathroom

While you might think that your bathroom is the best place in your home next to your bedroom, it is a dangerous place. The dangers are not very obvious, and this article will help you make your bathroom safer and more hygienic for everyone’s use.

Wet floor

One can quickly fall on the floor in the bathroom because of shower curtains that are poorly fit and of course the lack of non-slip tiles on the floor. You can easily avoid slipping accidents in your bathroom by using a shatterproof glass door instead of a curtain so that no one trips on it.

Also, place non-slip tiles that have an uneven surface and non-skid rugs next to the shower exit. Put one as well in front of the sink as it is also a common area for people to slip and injure themselves.

If you have elderly folks in your home, place a grab rail for their safety.

Instead of using shower curtains to lessen water splashes, get a solid bath screen instead to keep the floor dry.

Unhygienic toilet seats

Toilet bowl seats are full of germs and if you do not clean it often can cause sickness, especially to little kids. The best solution to this is to get hold of bidet toilet seats as they are hygienic and since it uses water, it’s better for the whole family and the environment.

Avoid placing your toothbrushes, and other personal items near it as bacteria from urine and feces can release the deadly e-Coli bacteria.

How to flush right

When you flush, you should cover the bowl so that the germ particles won’t be floating in the air. Bacteria spreading in the air can lead to illness, and even though your bathroom looks pristine, it’s hard to know the air quality inside it. If you can get air disinfectant, do so to keep the air clean.

This is another reason not to leave your towel in the bathroom as it will not dry and it can be a place for molds and bacteria to multiply rapidly.

Molds are airborne and can impact your respiratory system. Too much exposure can lead to allergies, asthma, flu and your immune system can weaken as well.

Your job is to lessen moisture in the bathroom so that you don’t allow them to multiply quickly.

Dirty shower heads

Slime builds up in your dirty shower heads, and sometimes they have the deadly mycobacterium avium which can lead to tuberculosis. Avoid plastic shower heads and use metallic ones instead as pathogens are less likely to grow on it.

Keep medication and cleaning agents away

Children are naturally curious, and if they come across medicine and cleaning supplies, they might try to eat it. This can prove fatal. As such, keep it in a cabinet that they can’t reach or use a chair to open it. In fact, lock it with a key if possible.

The good news is that all of these steps are easy to apply and relatively inexpensive. We spend a reasonable amount of time in our bathrooms so take time to make it safe and hygienic for your whole family.