Best Fabric to Use for Outdoor Cushions

In selecting the right cushion fabric for your outdoor furniture in Melbourne or anywhere else, it is important to consider the type of weather conditions they will be exposed to. Regardless of them being covered by awnings for example, extreme heat and cold along with moisture and winds can still affect them. With that in mind, paying attention to water resistant or fade resistant cushion fabric is a smart move on your part. However, if you want to open all your options, keep reading to see more fabric types that maybe suitable for your cushions.

Olefin fiber

This is a synthetic fiber that is also known as polypropylene. This fabric has been known to be a great material for cushion covers and cushion inserts. Olefin fiber has the ability to withstand the sun, wet weather, mold, and heat. It is so durable that most people consider it a plastic fabric.

Cotton canvas

From a general view, this material is a heavy-duty fabric that’s relatively inexpensive. It is also a great cushion fabric for any outdoor furniture Melbourne. Seeing that it has some characteristics of cotton, dyeing is easy and still quite durable. Solid colors that are pre-dyed are also available and in some instances, you have the choice of selecting the color for your cushion covers.



This fabric is also durable and easy to clean. In various circles, this material is also called Polyvinyl chloride or PVC for short. It has been around for more than ninety years and is claimed to be the second most produced plastic in the world. Itsimpact on the environment has always been a subject of discussions, the fact remains that this particular cushion fabric is recyclable. Outdoor furniture Brisbane that utilize vinyl as cushion fabric, can have a few issues as it relates to warm weather, seeing that the plastic can get very sticky.

Duck cloth

Even though it is similar to cotton canvas in a number of ways, the biggest difference between both is the tightness of the weave – and in this case, duck cloth would win in a manner of speaking. The texture is smoother when compared to cotton canvas and it goes by other names such as duck, duck canvas, and cloth duck. Based on the usage it can be purchased in different weights. So if you like cotton but you prefer something that’s a bit stronger, duck cloth may be the ideal material for your cushion covers. Bear in mind that it can be a bit more expensive than cotton material, harder to customize and harder to paint.