Choosing the glasses for the interiors

Time and again, glass is the most used type of material in the interiors. Be it the residential or the commercial setting, both the places have the glasses incorporated in their structure, either in the floors, doors or the walls. Both the interior designing and the architectural companies mainly use the glasses for the flooring, walls and the windows. Experts in the glass company in Dubai have laid out few reasons as to why glasses are being chosen as the favourable choice of material for all the interior furnishing purposes.

  • Glass fittings gives the feel of spaciousness for rooms that are small
  • Dark and gloomy rooms can be transformed to look bright and spacious by putting up glass windows and walls
  • Pathway connecting two buildings have a glass passage to get the open feel while a person walks from one building to another

Types of glasses for interiors

Considered to be the most flexible of all the materials, glasses are now being used in several modern day constructions. Adding to this, many of the old buildings are attaching this material to their structure during remodelling. The glass company in Dubai offers a wide range of glasses to choose from. Each type of glass would be suitable for particular aspects of the interiors and must be chosen accordingly.

A glass company in Dubai will help you in choosing the best type of glass depending upon on your need and the range of glasses that are currently available are,


Textured glass:

Textured glasses can mostly be seen in the windows, shower area, foyer and in restaurants. They have unique patterns embossed on their surface. Though they do not provide clear view of the things on the outside, they give a nice look to the entire place. Some of these textured or patterned glasses have colours in them while the others have simple patterns.

Clear glass

Though not as strong as laminated glasses, clear glass is the most sought after model while adding glass fixtures to the interiors. This glass allows about 90% of the sunlight to entire the place, thereby providing a spacious and bright look to the house or office. This glass is mostly used for the doors and the walls, though some people purchase the wash basins made out of clear glass.

Reflective glass

A perfect add-on to spaces that are looking for eco-friendly options, the reflective glasses help in reflecting the heat that tries to enter the room. To make the space optimum for working, either in the home or the office, this glass eliminates the glare that can enter the room. The glass has a metallic coating and mostly used in the facade, though some may use it for the interiors.

Satin glass

These are also called as privacy glasses, as the satin finish on the surface of the glass blurs the vision through the glass. These are used in public places, especially for the bathroom doors in hotels and multiplexes.

Consult a glass company in Dubai before choosing one, as they would be able to help you decide which glass would suit your interiors.

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