Decide a Throw Rug for Your Bed or Chair to Style your Room

Decorating your house has always been a favourite pass time for many women. With new curtains, different hangings, wall painting and lights, we have always changed the theme of our house. A rug is another way to decorate your house. With different qualities and materials you can select any rug for any purpose.

Nowadays, throw rugs are good options for flooring when you have less time to clean every day. All you need to do is tap it outside the house and let it dry under the sunlight.

Depending upon the materials you can decide the purpose of it.

  • Wool rug is durable but cannot be washed in machine and gathers dust quickly making it allergic.
  • Cotton rugs are less durable but are soft on legs and absorb liquid quickly.
  • Persian and Oriental rugs are prepared from silk and give classic look to your living room.
  • Nylon and synthetic are stain resistant, therefore has to be best for kitchens.

These are some of specific materials that could fit perfectly in to your house. However, there are other options as well, which you can look online.

Few things if kept in mind before styling your house can make it exclusive –

  • Different types of rugs indicate your mood. For example, a soft woven rug on a couch is a temptation to relax.
  • Texture of rug indicates the purpose of it, like putting a soft thin rug beside your bed means cosiness and a thick rug on a leather lounge gives comfort while sitting.
  • Some rugs can act as a layer over furniture to keep it safe and tidy. Especially, in winters you don’t sit on a cold wooden chair.
  • Different prints and patterns give a show to your room. Door rug doesn’t need to be that fancy, but when it’s about your living room, you can have different patterns matching to your wall, curtains or furniture.

To conclude, a rug is affordable and can benefit you in many ways. With large options and prices, there is no chance you will not get the one that suits your desired style.