Difference between Pre Assembled and RTA Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen and hygiene go hand in hand. This very area of your house needs special attention. How to purchase a kitchen cabinet? This question crosses our minds very often. Kitchen cabinets can be purchased in one of the two possible ways: Ready to assemble (RTA) cabinets and pre-assembled.

RTA Kitchen Cabinets

RTA kitchen cabinets are delivered to the owner in cartons. They are cut to the desired size, labeled and come with pre drilled holes. They are made ready instantly to be fitted in. The cabinet arrives on the very site in flat boxes, and the person hired attaches individual cabinets together. He then fits it to the wall.

  • The Advantages

These cabinets are sure to save you money. The other advantage is the quality which is for you to choose. You get numerous options to choose from. Regardless of the quality you choose from, this goes a little easy on your pockets. You are sure to save a considerable amount over buying a cabinet of the pre-assembled genre. It will take a novice 40 minutes for the cabinet to get to your kitchen.

  • Disadvantages

Although it takes a mere 45 minutes to assemble the cabinets, you have to have a catalog to ensure that everything is going the right way. Without proper supervision, things have the chance to go wrong. There might be scratches on the cabinet while you are putting things together. You have to be a little extra cautious in this regard. Make sure that the quality they are providing is exactly the same as the design layout. Report it to the manufacturer immediately if there is a mismatch.

Pre-assembled Kitchen Cabinets

Assembled semi custom kitchen cabinets are ready to install instantly. Their advantage lies in the fact that their installation is straight forward and handy. Easy to install they are a turn on if you want to save time and energy.

  • Advantages

It wouldn’t even take 15 minutes to install these kitchen cabinets once your ordered product is delivered. The installation process is hassle free and less energy consuming. You do not have to supervise every step through the process as they are all ready to be installed. It comes to you exactly as given in the design layout. So, it saves you both time and energy. Also, the cases of scratches and defects can be detected more easily as compared to RTA kitchen cabinets.

  • Disadvantages

They are delivered already assembled, so the costs are sky high. But if you want a kitchen of good décor and finish this will suit you surely. Manufacturers charge extra for the labor that is put in to assemble with a touch of perfection. But the fact of the matter is the cost is very nominal as compared to the price that they charge for shipping. They do not come in cartons so they do consume a hell lot of space. Another disadvantage is that they take a longer period to get delivered ranging from three weeks to three months. So, if you have time constraints you must consider buying RTA kitchens.