Do I need a storm door?

Storm doors have become an option both for aesthetics and security. However, several home owners have debated the idea of a storm door, its functions and why they need one in their homes. Having the right storm doors especially from Casper screens could be more important for comfort and protection of your entry door. Before deciding on whether or not to install a storm door, it is an important step to learn the basics and arrive at the right option for your home.

What is a storm door?

A storm door is like a protective layer for your home’s door. The storm door is a second which is mounted on the outer part of your home’s door. The storm door is commonly installed for protection against bad weather and also allows for proper ventilation without fear of rodents and pests when your main door is left open in fair weather.

Storm doors are typically fitted with interchangeable or retractable glass and screen panels and could be used for all the different types of doors. Retractable screen doors are available in many sizes and can be made from diverse materials depending on the wants and needs of the homeowner.

Retractable screen doors are made with three layers including the front and back layer which both make up the exterior part and an interior layer which serves the purpose of insulation.

What does a storm door do?

Storm doors serve a number of purposes to the home. A retractable screen door can be used as an outer layer of protection when the main door is left ajar for proper ventilation thereby preventing access of rodents, reptiles and other pests into the home. Additionally, it can be used as a window to watch the kids while they have fun out in the front or back. Perhaps one of the most important advantages of a retractable storm door is the added layer of protection against storm, rain, ice, and snow.

Storm door styles

A storm door can be adapted to various styles and design all with the aim of providing an added layer of protection. The most common design of the storm door however is the full view storm doors which are equipped with an entire panel of glass in the door. Other design options include the mid-view design comprised of three-quarters glass, and the high view storm doors which have their glass designed into the upper half of the door.

The choice of glass to be used however varies from clear glass, decorative glass, or the Low E glass.

Do I need a storm door?

The choice of whether or not you need a retractable screen door should be based on your needs and climatic condition in your location. However, it is important to note that storm doors protect your main doors against the harsh weather conditions which could damage it faster.

Why Should I Install a Storm door?

Installing a storm door presents a wide array of benefits, some of the benefits of installing a retractable screen door are:

  • Storm doors allows for proper home ventilation in heated weather conditions
  • Increases visibility option for homes equipped with solid doors
  • Allows in lights and keeps bugs, rodents and reptiles out.
  • Protect your main entry door from the harshness of extreme weather conditions such as rain, ice, and snow.
  • Can be adopted in various styles, designs, and color options.