How To Deal With The 5 Worst Carpet Stains

Coming home to find a giant carpet stain is pretty annoying. There are few things worse than ending a rough day trying to scrub out a resilient stain when you’d rather be unwinding. However, accidents happen, and once they do, the best thing you can do for your rug (and your peace of mind) is to tend to them quickly and using the correct tools and cleaners. Whether you have a sensitive pure wool rug or a synthetic rug that’s easy to clean, using the wrong cleaning agent can easily increase the mess rather than helping you get your rug back to normal. On the other hand, if you act fast and use the right cleaner or Chem-Dry cleaning service, you can easily eliminate carpet stains without having to spend a ton of time and effort dealing with the mess. If you’re looking at a stain that requires a bit of extra care, don’t panic. Even if your rug falls prey to one of the five notoriously hard-to-remove stain types, you can easily regain control of the situation by approaching the situation armed with knowledge, patience, and of course, the right cleaning solution. Here are a few ways to battle the five toughest stains out there.

1. Oil

An oil-based stain may seem like a terrifying thing to contend with. However, in the pantheon of stains, oil is actually relatively easy to clean, along with fat and other solid materials. The trick is to catch your stain before it soaks too deeply into your rug’s base. Using a small amount of baking soda or cornstarch won’t just neutralize odor. It will effectively act as a magnet to pick up any oily residue and leave your carpet totally dry. This is a huge plus for homeowners who have natural fiber rugs at home. When dealing with oil, keeping your rug as dry as possible will make the cleaning process much easier, not to mention more hygienic. After the baking soda or starch has set, vacuum the debris up to reveal a totally dry carpet. If you’re still seeing some residue, go back in with a bit of diluted dish detergent or rubbing alcohol.

2. Gumuntitled

There’s nothing worse than a huge glob of gum getting stuck to your shoe only to get transferred to your home rug. Luckily, there’s a pretty simple trick you can use to get all that gum out of your rug’s fibers in one solid piece. All you need is an ice cube, a plastic bag, and a bit of time on your hands. Put an ice cube or two in your bag, set it directly on the area, and wait a few minutes. The gum should bond to the freezer bag cleanly and be able to be pulled off your carpet. If you’re still seeing a few pieces stuck to your fibers, you can gently rub your rug with some alcohol or treat with another ice cubes to get your rug completely clean.

3. Waste

Pet waste is unpleasant to clean up, but it doesn’t have to ruin your rug. If you’re dealing with urine, try treating the area with an enzyme-based cleaner, being careful not to over-soak. After spraying, dab up the area until it’s as dry as possible. Spray a bit of preventative pet cleaner on the area so your dog or cat won’t be tempted to go in the same spot. To get rid of the smell, using enzyme sprays or lemon-based natural cleaners should do the trick.

4. Paint

Whether you’re putting a fresh coat of paint on your walls and had an accident, or your kid is experimenting with watercolors and can’t seem to stop “painting” everything in sight, paint can be a huge mess. When it comes to your rug, however, all you need to do is use a small amount of rubbing alcohol mixed with a small amount of gentle soap or detergent. Using a glycerin soap is helpful since it will allow you to apply some pressure without causing extra damage to your rug. Blotting carefully, go over the area with a paper towel to quickly dry the area and dab up any remaining moisture. If you’re dealing with watercolor or Crayola stains, one helpful tip is to only buy washable crayons and paints for your kids to play with.

5. Aciduntitled

Acidic stains like wine and coffee can be a pain to get out of your rug. Unfortunately, they’re also some of the most prevalent stains homeowners have to deal with. Who hasn’t spilled their fair share of coffee or wine on the family couch? When cleaning your rug, the important thing to remember is to start by blotting up the moisture as much as you can with a cloth. Don’t treat the stain until the area is as dry as possible. Once you’ve dealt with the excess liquid, mix a small amount of ammonia with water and spray the area, soaking up any surface moisture with a clean cloth.