How to Find the Right Roofing Contractor

Finding the right roofing contractor takes time, research, and effort. Some roofing companies do not have the years of experience or diverse experience with different materials and applications. They may not be completely up-to-date with what is going on in the roofing industry. This may mean that you are not getting the best products for your roof that are currently on the market. If you are in the Boston area, Eagle Rivet is the best Massachusetts roofing contractor for any roof repair or replacement job.

Finding Local Referrals


Make sure to read reviews and look at how many years a roofing company has been in business. If it is a new company, it can be a risky choice. They may not have enough reviews from people to determine if they are a good company to work with. Local referrals are often the best because contractors around you will be knowledgeable of your town’s regulations. They may also have a good reputation with your community, which is a plus.

Check the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Making sure that a company has a good rating on the BBB is a great place to start. This will give you reviews from past customers, so you can feel more confident when hiring them for work. Another thing to look for is if a roofing contractor finds you right after a major storm in your area. Many contractors go to areas right after a storm, so be suspicious and make sure they are BBB certified.

Be Aware if the Roofing Contractor Adds Pressure


If a contractor pressures you before getting an estimate by an insurance company, this is a warning sign to stay away. The contractor should make sure the adjuster does not miss any damage, since you deserve the correct amount and not just any amount. Eagle Rivet’s Boston roofers  will never pressure you, rather, they will listen to you to meet your needs.

Does the Company Have Licensing and Insurance?


If the roofing company does not have insurance, this can cause a problem if a roofer gets injured on your property or if there is damage done to your roof. Many states require a roofer to have a license, but there are still unlicensed roofers that slip through the cracks. Be sure that before you start any roofing work, the roofing company will provide you with their licenses and insurance.

Go with a Contractor Who Provides You with Many Different Options

When constructing your roof, you should be offered with a choice of different materials for your roof. Since there are many different materials – the quality, style and color will change depending on your needs. Your roofer should be knowledgeable of the latest and best materials in the industry, so you can have a roof that lasts. Contact Eagle Rivet’s Boston metal roof contractors for a free estimate to start your new commercial roof today!