How to Insulate Your Home?

For all constructions it is worth having to be adequately isolated, not only thermal but also sound. Sound insulation is especially important for partition walls and floor constructions. Sound can be spread across buildings in several ways. Logik Roofing pickering are real professionals when it comes to roofs.

Impact sounds cause different impacts in the floor, even walking. In the case of poor sound insulation of the floor structure, excessive impact noise is especially heard by people in the lower rooms, and can be heard throughout the building. The fibrous structure of mineral insulations very well suppresses noise and impact sound.


With sufficient and correct isolation of buildings, we can save large amounts of energy and significantly contribute to the preservation of the environment globally.

The insulation of the building façade, as already mentioned, can help halve energy consumption for heating or cooling. By insulating objects, we actively take care of the environment and reduce its pollution.


When talking about the safety of housing in a facility, we mean a very wide range of “security measures”. In this place, we will limit ourselves to the safety of construction structures in terms of fire safety.

Fire has destructive properties that, besides human casualties and immediate material damage, poses a great danger to the environment. Numerous uncontrolled processes in the atmosphere emit a whole series of highly toxic gases. With knowledge of statistics and catastrophic consequences of the fire, investors are increasingly inclined to use non-combustible insulating materials that do not encourage the spread of fire, thereby dramatically reducing the consequences of the fire and allowing safe evacuation of people and property.

The significance of the fire safety of the facilities is also emphasized by the new fire-technical directive, which for certain types of objects already requires the obligatory use of non-combustible materials.

Mineral insulating wool – stone wool and glass wool have the highest possible grade of fire response – if it is A1 class which means that the material is completely  non – flammable and does not contribute to the development of fire!

Preserving the value of the object

Given the development of the object, the energy state of it in terms of insulation and energy consumption becomes decisive when determining the price of the facility.

Buyers are aware of what kind of investment they are waiting for when buying an energy-insolvent object and therefore the prices of such facilities will certainly be significantly lower. In other words, a quality insulated object on the market will be able to achieve a significantly higher price. So, make sure you invest in insulating your home if you want your home to look nicer and to save a lot of money on the long run, since there will be no need to heat or cool your home that much as you are doing right now.

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