How to Pick the Ideal Home Office Chair

It’s becoming a norm for people to work from home. People prefer to choose their work hours and be their own boss which means they can work from home with their laptops and an internet connection. However, one would have to set the environment to meet the working conditions. Productivity cannot be assured when working from a couch and if you’re lazy, working from the couch is the last thing you want to do. Therefore, whichever occupation you choose to do, it’ll probably involve a lot of sitting and that is why you need not just any chair but an office chair that’ll put you in the right work mood and still give you the comfort that you’ll need.


The market is filled with various kind and designs of ergonomic chairs. This being true, you can’t just up and purchase any chair or the first chair that you see labeled ‘ergonomic. Do your homework before deciding on the office chair to purchase. Research thoroughly as many ergonomic chairs on the market may have all the right terms but in truth are missing key components that are necessary for getting your body into the right posture.

Checklist for Selecting the best Office Chairs

You probably have no idea on the pointers to look out for when selecting a home office chair. These are a few checklists that must be checked before selecting an office chair to purchase and ensure to look out for them:

  • Good Lumbar Support: Does the office chair come with a quality lumbar support? An ergonomic chair is supposed to have an adjustable lumbar area that would help support your lower back and protect the spine. Lower back pain is the main protagonist of worldwide disability.
  • Is the Chair Adjustable?: Whilst people have different height, some have longer arms while the other has shorter arms. Ensure that all the essential parts of the office chair are adjustable to meet your needs i.e. armrest, neck and backrest to the recline degree.
  • Is it Mobile?: An office chair with a swivel and wheels facilitates moving easier. This way, you can twist and turn with ease in a chair without swivel mechanism.
  • Mesh or Leather: The material of the office chair is also important. Mesh seems less comfortable, although it is breathable and keeps your body cool after long hours of sitting, leather is softer but does not dissipate heat as mesh would. However, either you prefer to have mesh or leather, you can always get your desired office chairs from