Industries nowadays have their own standards on safety measurements and products that they need to use when working to avoid various hazards that they job offers. So most probably you have seen a lot of construction workers that wore safety vests, safety gloves and sometimes an unusual kind of eyeglasses, these are called safety eyeglasses / glasses and sometimes it is also called safety goggles; depending on the need and specialization purposes.

What do Safety Glasses mean?

Safety glasses are protective equipment that basically protects the eyes. It is a part of a personal protective gear that is worn by the workers around their eyes for protection. Safety glasses are used to shield or to protect the eyes from various type of foreign debris, dirt, dust and so the likes that may cause irritation or injury to the eye of the worker.

Anyone can use the safety glasses or safety eyeglasses; it depends upon the requirement of the user. Safety glasses can have different kind of lenses such as, clear, bifocal, anti-fog, tinted, indoor/outdoor lens, polarized, night-vision, shooting, men’s or women’s, low light eyewear, filtered and customizable. All safety glasses protect and shield the eyes from hazards and injuries.

So what kind of hazards may threaten a worker’s eye? The following are some examples of these:

Flying solid debris

Various kinds of dirt and dust

Liquid and chemical splashes

Impact from moving machineries

Heat from machines

Sparks from welding equipment

Intense lights from metal cutting machine

Safety eyeglasses frames maybe made from nylon and they basically have side shields to protect flying objects entering the worker’s eyes from the different sides. The eyes cannot be replaced instantly, so it is given so much importance to protect the eyes by using safety glasses while working where there are many potential threats to the eyes.

Different kinds of safety eyeglasses are available in the market depending on the specific use, for example in welding operations, the safety glasses that should be used by the worker must be in dark in color in order to absorb the flash of the machine which may cause blindness. Another one is for wood cutting operations; workers should use transparent safety eyeglasses covering the eye from all the sides in order to protect the eye from the wood dust and other small particles that may invade the eyes, which may cause severe injuries.

Is There Any Difference Between The Safety Eyeglasses and Safety Goggles?

Totally the same with the safety eyeglasses, Safety goggles are also a type of personal safety and protective gears that is used and worn on the eyes for safety and protection. Essentially, safety goggles are safety glasses that fit tightly to the eyes. (So what’s the difference?) Safety Goggles often comes with suction, and are secured with straps that goes around the back of the head. Safety Goggles are also used to protect the eyes against dust, dirt, small particles, hazardous chemicals, dirty water, harsh glares, too much light and other things that might struck the eyes.