Indications That You Need a New Garden Shed

To get a new shed or not to get a new garden shed? Did Shakespeare ponder this question do you think? Well, I doubt it – but you probably should. The humble (and at times not so humble) garden shed is a much have in our Aussie backyards. Why else would we have such massive blocks of land? The rest of the world is very jealous of how much space we have in our backyards, so we better darn well make the most of it. And make the most of it we shall! With a new garden shed. So do you need one or no? Here are some indications it’s time to start browsing new sheds.

You’re an avid gardener or handyman

Where oh where do you put your garden tools, your packets of seeds, your new pots, or just the mower? Avid gardeners need a spot to put all their garden goods. And so too does the home handyman (or woman) with their nails, saws, silicones, tools and coatings. There needs to be a spot for all that to live too! These types of materials and tools don’t belong in the house. They’re messy and they’re outdoorsy.

Your partner is nagging you to get a new shed

I mean, come on. This is a sure-fire sign that you need a new shed. So even if you’ve been fighting with them, put away your petty differences for once and just get the shed. You can just “lose” their left socks in the washing if you’re looking for an avenue to be petty. Listen to your partner, yes, even if you don’t want to, and go and get that new garden as your partner said. Don’t be a goose.

Your shed is rotting / falling down

Gross! If your shed is falling apart, then it’s time to do something about it otherwise everything in there is going to get ruined in the process of the shed falling to bits. For those people out there who can’t be bothered to rip it down yourselves, there are always professionals who can do it for you, or you can put up an ad on Gumtree or Airtasker to have someone come around to do it.

You’re doing a home extension

Hey, here’s a thought. If you’re getting an extension put onto your home, then why not get the guys to build you a new garden shed in the same style as your extension while they’re at it? While it’s definitely not as cost-effective as the pre-fab garden shed options that you have at your fingertips, it is a super stylish option. Why not ask your builder how much it will cost to build you a new shed while they’re adding to your existing house? After all, using the same materials as you are using in your home is sure to save you money compared to if you were to just contract someone to build a stand-alone shed. There’s no harm in asking!

You don’t have a shed at all

And you call yourself an Australian? You know that there are literally hundreds of thousands of people around the country – if not more – who have not only one but two sheds in their backyard? That’s right, so many people have found their shed so freaking handy that they’ve had another one put in. Do yourself a favour and get just one. See if your life isn’t enhanced 1000%. I dare you. The sheds of the world are weeping for your loss and are calling out your name, so it’s time you answered them.