Linen Is the Best Organic Bedding Material and Here Is Why

Sleeping steals, a third of our lifetime. Sleep is also an essential part in maintaining a well-balanced mental and physical health. Many people have sleeping disorders and they find it hard to properly sleep without a good clean dry suitable environment for sleeping. Linen is often recommended as the best bedding material for this purpose. Linen is organic, so less harmful compared to the plastic chemical made beddings. Most of the 5-star luxury hotels use linen bedding, like linen bed sheet, pillow cover and even linen duvet cover.

A Little More Information on Linen:

Linum, the Latin word for flax plant gives origin to the name Linen. Flax plant fibers are separated and then woven tactfully to make the fabric that is known as Linen. Linen bedding aside, linen is also used to make different kind of things like bags, handkerchief, clothes for wearing in warmer areas, towels etc. Linen is one of the oldest textiles available in market right now. It carries inexplicable historical significance as it has been being used since before 1231 BC.

Why Linen Bedding Is the Proper Way:

  1. Linen fabric has a high heat conductance, due to that linen fabric feels a bit cooler when touched. Also due to the micropores in the fabric, for it being a woven, linen has high breathability. Linen bedding is perfect if you live is a warm country.
  2. Linen fabric also keeps you warmer in the winters. Using a linen duvet cover in addition to the linen bedsheet is more warmth in chilly winter nights than you can imagine.
  3. Linen fibers are bacteria resistant. Due to being well ventilated and absorbent, linen helps with evaporation and prevents bacteria from spawning. It has anti-allergic property too. Use of linen bedding for allergic people as well as children is a very good idea.
  4. Linen sheets may have mild massaging effects on the body. The microtears and microrough surface are responsible for stimulating some of the pressure points while sleeping, which makes blood circulation better.
  5. Linen fibers can absorb up to 21% moisture compared to their own weight. This highly absorbent properly helps it from feeling wet as soon as you spill a little water on a linen sheet. The warmth of linen remains while it distributes the absorbed water among all the fibers in that general area of the sheet.
  6. Linen fibers are very soft. After washing them multiple times it becomes even softer. Linen also has a neutral pH balance, which prevents it from causing any irritation to the sensitive skin. For these reasons linen bedding is the best option for people who like to take care of their skin very much.
  7. Linen due to being highly absorbent retains some moisture always. That prevents it from building up static electricity, as dry environment is required for that to happen.
  8. Linen has a natural resistance against dirt, pollen etc.
  9. Other bedding materials like cotton, are generally weaker than linen. A strand of linen fiber can be twice as strong as a cotton fiber strand. So, linen bedding will last longer than any other organic bedding material.
  10. As linen is a completely organic material it is fully biodegradable and does not harm the nature. There is also very less waste generated from flax plants as flax seeds are also used for making linseed oil which is used in wood works and other related areas.

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