Major styles of foundation cracks – Know the right way of repairing them

A foundation is the major part of any house, and while it has any crack or damage, the overall structure of the building may have an effect. Thus, you have to contact a professional repairer after identifying an issue on the foundation. However, the cracks, found on the foundation, are always different in shape, and their shape may help you to make out whether they can cause any major problem to the structure or foundation.  If you are residing Florida then we have given you the detailed information on those crack styles so that you may easily solve the issue.

Cracks in a diagonal direction

It is another crack type that may be seen on the foundation. We have found out the major features of this crack

  • It can be angled at thirty to seventy-five degree. In most cases, the crack is very thin, while it is wide at an end.
  • While your foundation has not been settled in the right way, you may have these cracks. The uneven stress is the cause of your foundation cracks.
  • Houses in hilly areas have mostly these cracks.
  • You need to invest more in repairing them. However, installation of a new guttering system may solve the issue.

Horizontal style cracks

Cracks in the foundation can run horizontally, and they are one of the severe cases of the structure. The brick or concrete foundations have these issues. Pressure on the soil and many other factors can cause these foundation cracks. You have to make your foundation stronger to avoid this problem. You can look for professionals for repairing the foundation cracks in Abry Bros home locations.

Vertical shaped cracks

These cracks are usually not much serious, and you may find them with most of the foundation issues. The crack goes down or up in a straight direction. However, all of these cracks may not be fully vertical. They can be little diagonal in shape. The major facts about these cracks are-

  • You can seal them up at an affordable rate with almost no effort.
  • Epoxy or urethane material needs to be put into these cracks

So, these are the common crack patterns that you may find in most of the houses. The foundation repair professionals will find out all the cracks and apply their own skill in order to deal with the issue.