Solar panels – types of option to have

It is always good to have one good solar panel at your space. It not only helps you to reduce the house bills and but you also contribute towards safe and green energy. Solar panel only needs one time investment and it can give you benefits for very long run. But when you install solar panel at your place it is advised that you shouldn’t get too much carried away because there are some serious considerations that you need to make when you install solar panel at your place.  

Never forget to perform proper roof survey before installing a solar panel because solar panels are very heavy and if your roof is weak then it may not bear the load and your roof may fall down. There are many different solar panels available whose prices always differ from dealer to dealer, so always GetSolarPrices before choosing or buying one.Image result for Solar panels – types of option to have

Types of solar panels

Monocrystalline – this is also known as single crystalline Si, where Si stands for silicon. This type of solar panel can be easily recognizable because external part of the panel is uniformly colored that also shows the pure silicon use.  Solar cells used in this panel are made from cylindrical shape silicon ingots.  There are many advantages of using these solar panels such as it has highest rate of efficiency. If you have small space even then this solar panel can prove to be very good for you as it doesn’t take much space to install.

Polycrystalline – this solar panel is also made out from silicon but manufacturers make panels of polycrystalline instead of shaping it into wafer like shape. Ratings for high temperature are slightly lower and more it is also one of the most cost effective solar panel options that you can make use of in your house. However, there is very less margin in between monocrystalline and polycrystalline so choose the one that suits you best.