The Assisting Personnel we hired

I have been married for 11 years approximately and I have 3 children. We have been living in Abu Dhabi with my family. We have a nice house of our own. I am working and I own a small company. My wife is a music teacher. At the end of this month, she will also return to work following the maternity leave. So, we will need a maid for the house and a babysitter for children. We started searching for this.

While we were searching over the internet, we found the companies which provided Abu Dhabi maid and servant services and it was time to check them out. One among them was more interesting for us and we searched for them over the internet again. We encountered no issues. With the positive feedbacks we found about the company, we made contact with website over internet. They returned our request as soon as possible. We told them the situation and told them that we would like to use their maid services and I told that it would be better for us to talk face to face.  Next day, we took the appointment for the meeting.

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Quality service with a smile

They welcomed us at their Office the next day. We told them the situation and we told them that we will need a maid, any assisting personnel. They listened to us carefully and they also spoke of the other services. They told that they have many other services such as house cleaning, Office cleaning, flor cleaning, curtain cleaning and that we can benefit from these services. Who knows, maybe soon I can receive Justmop Office Cleaning Service. But of course we need to be satisfied from the maid service at first. It is too early. It has been around one week since she started working. And yes, at the moment, we are pleased with her.

You may Access to many services via website. You can even pay online. In addition to this, you can see the comments of those having received cleaning services. So you can benefit from many services. You may find answers to many questions by contacting with lives support department.

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