Tips For Turning Your Second Home Into A Vacation Rental

Your second home is the place where you go taking a break from the daily grind. It, certainly, is not possible to frequent it say weekly due to lifestyle constraints. But, if you have invested a lot into it and continue to take care of it by appointing care-takers for it, then you must find some way to convert it into a revenue center for the periods when it is vacant. Here are some tips that can help you put your house as a vacation rental.

Start with tax implications

Putting up your house on rent as a vacation home requires knowing the State laws. The very first thing you must know is whether the state and then, the area where it is located are recognized as legal vacation area or not. If you do not do the homework on vacation rental laws and tax implications, your plan may crumble down in no time. So, never ever skip this step. Following limitations may restrict you from using your house as vacation rental

  • Mortgage clauses, if any, that do not permit putting house on rent
  • Subletting rules and landlord consent
  • Homeowner association rules that restrict you from putting the house on rent
  • State laws, if they are against renting out of the house

Smart marketing

You need to advertise your second house as ultimate destination for taking a break from the monotonous life. Thus, you must publicize about the location, the festive seasons of the city, and the picturesque locations in the reachable distance. Even a vacation house located an hour’s drive afar has the advantage of providing much needed peace and relaxation to the renter.

Cleaning and maintenance check? Done!

If you want to put your house on rent for vacation, you cannot do away with the cleanliness needs. Visitors pay for the comfort and when your house is not capable of providing it, the deal may turn into a horrible fiasco, killing the future scope of generating business completely. Thus, have a budget allocated to the cleaning and maintenance, you can deduct it from the taxable income while filing taxes (A big relief indeed!).

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