Warranty – One of the Chief Factors to be Taken Care of

Since its commencement in 2004, Crestar Enterprise PVT Ltd has evolved as one of the leading players in the market of ceiling fan trade in Singapore. The company offers a wide range of ergonomic and distinct ceiling fan designs along with other related accessories like regulators, lighting and other fixtures. Through its dedicated research and development, in the year 2014 Crestar has introduced the new premium models of designer ceiling fans. The higher version of this series comes with six speed remote controls and many other advance functions to ensure maximum utilization.

Few important things to look for

While purchasing any ceiling fan, there are certain factors you need to consider like:

  • Warranty – This is one of the vital factors. Checking the warranty coverage of any product is very important.

·         Service –Always choose a company that promises to provide you excellent customer service along with after-sales support.

·         Quality – Quality is another big concern. Many of the fans apparently might look the same but some brands may be cheaper. Here, don’t fall prey. The basic reason behind the low price is, they are made of poor quality materials which you should avoid.

Crestar’s exclusive warranty offer

If you are planning to buy HDB flats, be sure to visit Crestar Fan in Singapore. Their exclusive warranty coverage will surely impress you. Firstly, when you purchase their product you need to register the limited warranty within 10 days of purchase. Their warranty covers the following:

  • The fan motor comes with a 10 years warranty
  • Manufacturing defects and faulty materials for one year
  • Their warranty is applicable only if you purchase in Singapore through authorized Crestar dealers.
  • The warranty is applicable only for the original purchaser and is non-negotiable and non-transferable
  • In order to avail the warranty, the installation must be done following the instruction manual provided. Or else the warranty becomes void.
  • Any sound or noise caused due to improper installation is not covered under warranty. If you want to install above 10 feet high, then you should pay an additional fees for the warranty.
  • The product should remain in the original installation point for the warranty to be valid. Regular transfers may damage the fan and its components.
  • The product’s serial number must not be tampered in any way.
  • During the warranty period, Crestar will repair or replace the defective or affected components like motor, accessories and spare parts.