What You Don’t Know About Bissell Little Green ProHeat, 14259 May Shock You written by: Maryln3110

So, are you looking for an ergonomically made carpet cleaner that will fit into your palms with great ease? Or perhaps are you looking for a compact carpet cleaner to solve either upholstery or even your car interior cleaning requirements? Could it be an issue with brand price or preference to procure a prime carpet cleaner? Why don’t you give a try to Bissell Little Green ProHeat, 14259 which is a spot cleaner with an internal heater!

Well in a market fraud with many Bissell Little Green carpet cleaner models you will agree with me that choosing the best cleaner can be a pretty tough task .consequently you have to make some consideration before commencing on shopping of the best carpet cleaner.

Now If You Are Not Familiar With Bissell Little Green Pro-Heat Carpet Cleaner Read On To Discover Top 6 Reasons Why It Is A Must Try!

Compact Spot Cleaner:

Availability of a compact vacuum wet cleaner allows all our cleaning routine to be done effectively by ensuring deep cleaning. By Bissell Little Green Pro-heat being vacuum cleaning it ensures that it have suitable cleaning ability. Being compact allows the cleaner also to produce less noise during the cleaning process thus reducing noise pollution.

Two water tanks:

The presence of two water tanks allows the cleaner to hold both clean and dirty water respectively easily. It have a 48 oz dirty tank capacity that helps to hold water during the cleaning process thus resulting in spotless cleaning.

Built-in heater:

The presence of a built-in heater that allows the little green preheat carpet cleaner to heat water up to 25 degrees thus making it easy for you to clean all the stains with great ease. Hot water gives this carpet cleaner ultimate power to work efficiently on stains. It also helps to maintain suitable and cozy water cleaning temperatures.

Large Tank Size:

Bissell Little Green Pro-heat have a tank of 48 Oz capacity that contributes to reducing your hustle of topping up and emptying the tank. It also allows you to scrub more space at a go without frequent sink visits.


Bissell Little Green Pro-heat have a weight of about 14.3 pounds which is relatively small. Having a low weight allows you to carry the cleaner to different locations with great ease easily. The materials used during the manufacture of the cleaner have relatively reduced weight.

1 Year Warranty:

By Bissell Little Green Pro-heat being produced by Bissell, you are assured to have your carpet cleaner repaired or replaced. The presence of the warranty also acts as a guarantee that the cleaner is of high quality and more durable.

What are the advantages of using Bissell Little Green ProHeat, 14259?

  1. Comes at an affordable price.
  2. Easy to set up.

iii. It is also ideal for cleaning small spots.

  1. It also effective is you are a pet owner due to high suction power.
  2. it is light in weight allowing you to store it anywhere.

What are the disadvantages of using Bissell Little Green Pro-Heat, 14259?

  1. Blocking of the water sprayer frequently.
  2. Tend to leak if you leave it on a full tank.

Worry no more about your carpet cleaning desires with Bissell Little Green ProHeat. 14259. You can now determine your specific requirements in carpet cleaner and match them with the above not be surprised to discover your new carpet cleaning capabilities when you give Bissell Little Green ProHeat carpet cleaner a try. Happy shopping.