Which Pool Cover Should You Use for Your Pool?

Every pool owner knows how important a pool cover is. Its most obvious function is to protect your pool from debris like fallen leaves or branches, as well as from unfavorable weather conditions like hail, rain or snow. That is why most pool owners use one of these to protect their pool during the offseason and professional pool cleaning services recommend using them. But pool covers can be useful during the swimming season as well. They can help prevent evaporation and retain the water temperature.

There are different types of pool covers available on the market, but not every cover is fit to protect every pool. In this article, we’ll cover the most common types of pool cover and which one is best for you.

Winter Cover

The most common type of pool covers found on the market, winter covers resemble a tarp. Their primary function is to protect the pool from debris and snow. They are cheap, can be found everywhere and very easy to install. However, these covers lose their integrity in two to three years, when they need to be replaced. Additionally, if there’s too much debris or water on the cover, it can cave into the pool. That’s why you have to clean these covers regularly. Pool cleaning experts suggest using air-pillows to prevent the covers from caving in and make cleaning them easier.

Safety Covers

Safety covers usually come in the form of amesh or solid covers. These covers shield the entire surface of the pool and ensure pool safety for your family. They are sturdier as they are alock over the pool using springs and straps. This prevents children and pets from falling into the pool. These covers are more expensive than standard winter covers, but also much more durable if stored properly. You will need help installing these covers, but they are easy to remove. Additionally, they look much better than more affordable alternatives.

Mesh Safety Covers

These safety covers are lighter and therefore much easier to handle. These covers let rain, snow,and water in general pass through the material. If you don’t have a water pump you won’t have to worry. You can simply remove the debris from the mesh come spring. However, dust and sunlight can pass through this cover, which might spur algae growth. But if you want a light-weight, easy to handle solution, mesh covers are perfect for you.

Solid Safety Covers

Solid covers help protect your pool from both debris and sunlight which prevents algae from growing. However, they are much heavier and difficult to install, which means you might have to hire a professional service to help. However, they are by far the most durable and can even sustain heavier damage. Since water can gather on top of the solid cover, you may need a water pump to remove it.