5 Serious Roofing Mistakes to Avoid

The thought of spending thousands of dollars on a roof and later realizing there was a serious mistake made can make you cringe. Below are five of the more common roofing mistakes to avoid that can lead to incredible amounts of water damage to your home.

Roofing Materials Versus Roof Slope

The slope, or pitch of the roof has everything to do with the materials you can use on the surface. When the slope of the roof is not steep enough, you may have to either change the type of material chosen or rebuild the roof to the slope required to accommodate the desired material. Without taking these precautions, the roofing materials will prematurely fail. It is an excellent reason to stick with the services of an experienced professional roofer.

Improper Flashing Installation and Securement

Flashing is a material used, mostly comprised of metal, that closes up the gaps in valleys and around structures like chimneys on the roof. Flashing is designed to install in a specific direction and secured using the proper methods. If flashing is installed wrong or poorly, you will have non-stop roof leaks until repaired.

Lack of or Improperly Installed Starter Shingles

A starter layer of shingles is needed along the eaves of the roof to help provide a buffer of moisture protection and to ensure everything lines up correctly. If this layer is spaced out too much or is installed haphazardly, it is rendered harmful by allowing moisture to build up in this area.

Misaligned Shingles

Nothing screams “bad roofing job” more than looking and noticing that the shingles are far from straight. Misaligned shingles invite a ton of water leaks, and it looks terrible. It can add up to thousands in replacement costs.

Roof Nail Damage

Adding nails anywhere on the shingle other than the nail strip is a bad idea. Water will not only access beneath the shingles, but it will seep directly down into the attic roof. A quick inspection of the inside of the attic will show whether this has happened.

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