8 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Concrete Contractor

Just as when someone visits a physician to address a medical condition, it’s crucial to ask questions when choosing a concrete contractor. Asking the right questions helps a homeowner ensure the contractor they choose is the right person for the project. Furthermore, asking questions may help a customer weed out low-quality and inexperienced individuals in favour of Experienced Concrete Contractors. Below, readers will find the eight most important questions to ask when choosing a concrete contractor.

How Much Experience Does the Contractor Have, and What Sort of Projects Have They Done in the Past?

Although online review sites are great places to start the search for information, once a homeowner meets with or calls a contractor, it’s essential to ask questions. By finding a company that’s done similar jobs in the past, a homeowner is more likely to get the quality of work they expect.

Is There a Portfolio of Past Work?

During an in-person interview, many contractors will show pictures of their previous work. In some cases, they may even have an online portfolio for customers to view. In either instance, viewing samples of the contractor’s past work will give a homeowner an idea of the contractor’s quality of workmanship.

Are References Available?

If the contractor can’t provide pictures of their past work, this is a crucial follow-up question. When a contractor is reluctant to offer past clients’ contact information, it may be best to find a company that’s proud of its work and has a long, verifiable list of satisfied clients.

What’s the Schedule Like? How Soon Will Work Start?

When Experienced Concrete Contractors are good at the job they do, they have busy schedules. If a client expects a fast turnaround time, they should choose a company that can work with that deadline. Small projects, such as driveways, may only take two to three days. However, a more extensive project, such as a commercial sidewalk, concrete wall, or counter may take longer.

Will the Concrete be Reinforced With Rebar?

This question allows the customer to assess the concrete contractor’s knowledge. They should explain whether the expected pressure and weight of the project justify the need for reinforcing rebar.

Who Will Work on and Manage the Project?

It’s important for homeowners to know how many people will be on the property, when they will be there, and who will take charge of the project. If a contractor cannot offer a definitive answer, they may not have the organizational skills or experience needed to do the job.

How Do Workers Protect Themselves On the Job Site?

Before signing on with a contractor, be sure all workers are experienced with and trained in safe work practices. Additionally, find out if the company has liability and worker’s compensation insurance to cover on-the-job accidents.

Is There a Written Contract, and Is the Work Guaranteed?

If problems arise during the project, or after its completion, a customer should have a written agreement outlining the project’s responsibilities and expectations. By taking the time to get things in writing, both parties protect themselves and their interests.