Buying an Existing Home Vs. Building a Home: Which is Right for You?

Buying a home is somewhat of a complex process, but not so much so as having an entire new house constructed. However, both options—buying existing Rockport TX real estate or having a custom home built—have pros and cons. Here’s a peek at both sides.

Purchasing Existing Real Estate in Rockport TX

The primary advantages of investing in an existing home are cost and convenience.

Cost Considerations:  In most cases it’s less costly to buy an already built home, whether it be brand new or previously lived in. Custom homes tend to send buyers into ‘dream home’ mode, and those perks can add up faster than one might think. After all, most homes can be remodeled over time at a much more affordable cost.

Convenience:  It’s much easier to get pre-approved for a loan, hire a realtor, find a home, make an offer and close the deal than it can often be to buy land and have a home custom built. The sheer convenience of being able to move into an existing home faster can be invaluable to families with school-aged children and those relocating for work.

Building Custom Rockport Real Estate

While the biggest drawbacks to building a custom home are cost and an extended timeframe, the biggest pros are that buyers get exactly the features they desire such as energy efficiency and a ‘healthier’ home environment.

Cost and Timeframe:  Unfortunately, both of these tend to increase during the home building process, as unexpected challenges and/or changes in the pricing and availability of materials can cause the project to go over budget and take longer than expected. These occurrences are in addition to the time and money involved in finding land, architects, builders, designing the home and dealing with systemic and environmental permits.

A Happier You…A Healthier Home:  Older homes may not be as energy efficient as brand new homes designed for maximum Eco-friendliness. Today’s homes must often meet more stringent energy codes and filtration standards, which means better air quality and lower electric bills. Furthermore, there will be no risks of lead paint or the presence of asbestos in a new home. Owners seeking a dream home can pay every attention to even the most minor details in their home with custom designs, ranging from installing high-tech automation and luxurious landscapes to one-of-a-kind structural details.