Consider Doing These Things While in Mykonos

The list of famous islands in Europe is not complete without the mention of Mykonos. This island sets itself apart as being one of the best nightlife destinations when you are in this European country. Mykonos traditions and cosmopolitan nature is the number one factor that attracts tourists from across the world. The island provides a one-of-kind Cycladic beauty. On a typical day, this Island experiences so many parties that attract thousands of fans. The month of May up to October is considered as a tourism peak season in Mykonos. During this season, the weather is good enough for people to enjoy the sea. Here are just some of the places to visit while here.


As a tourist in Greece, there are many things to do in Mykonos. To start with, you can visit the Pelicans. Here, Peter Pelican is famous and as a symbolic figure. The bird is seen as the symbol of the island throughout the 30 years he lived. In 1958, a fisherman found this bird wounded, and nursed it. The locals here supported the bird to recuperate and live. They named the pelican Petros, from the word ‘Petra’ meaning a rock. This icon attracted thousands of tourists who would take photos with it. To their disappointment, Petros was knocked over by a speeding car in 1985 and died. He got mummified in Thessaloniki. Today, there are three pelicans in the island, and one of them is named Petros, in memory and honor of the former Petros.


Visit Alefkantra, Mykonos’s most famous area. The place is also referred also as Little Venice, due to its striking setting beside the sea just like real Venice in Italy. This place was discovered in the 18th century when wealthy merchants and captains at the time settled here. Here you will be fascinated by jaw-dropping houses that have beautiful colored windows that seem to stand above the sea. Visitors like going to Aegean as it is known as the only location to enjoy viewing the sunset.

Visit Delos

Delos Island sits just next to the island of Mykonos, and when you are at Mykonos, visiting Delos is often inevitable. The island has a rich history as both a religious and political hub for the Cyclades. Legends say that this was the birthplace of god Apollo for music and light, and goddess Artemis for the wilderness, animals and for the hunt. Ancient Ionians, therefore, made this region their religious capital then centuries later the Athenians are said to have set up a treasury there.

Party in Mykonos

When you are here, you are sure to spoil yourself in the Tropicana Club on Paradise Beach. The Travel Channel in 2012 referred to Tropicana Club as the sexiest beach bar. Here you will be entertained by finest DJs who will rock hot hits as from 4.30 pm daily. This is the place for beach parties, dancing, cocktail and having much fun that runs till morning.


You will not have regrets about your decision to tour this exquisite island. Whether you are in search of lively party scenes, gorgeous beaches, or just looking for properties to invest in, you will find all that you want, in Mykonos.