Essential Opportunities for Proper Security Installation

Having a holiday home is the dream of many families. It is a home away from home, a place to remember for life, and a place to escape reality or relax from time to time. The last thing a holiday homeowner wants, however, is that something bad happens while they are at their permanent home all year long. Follow these preventive measures to protect your holiday home from vandalism, unauthorized entry, or even robbery. The Bay Area smart home installation option is one of the best deals here.

Security cameras

The best protection for your home is to install a monitored security system and today’s technology makes it easier and less expensive than ever to keep your vacation home safe. There are different types of surveillance camera systems. Some of these cameras allow you to check on your holiday home with your smartphone. It sends real-time video to your phone, home, or computer at work, tablet or laptop, anytime. Many of these surveillance cameras can even send you alerts when something fishy happens. In this way, you can alert the authorities in the area where your holiday home is located.

Keep up maintenance

Most intruders, burglars, and vandalizers do not care about missing vacation rentals. They would instead use a holiday home that is empty and pose less threat or chance of being caught. Therefore, you should maintain your holiday home well so that an outsider feels that there are people living in there; this will discourage intruders. Some of the most important things to keep in mind are keeping your trees, shrubs and hedges trimmed, and the yard neat and clean. Do not let mail and newspapers pile up or leave your tools and ladders away.

Hire someone

If you do not visit your holiday home often (maybe it’s your summer house), you may want to hire someone to come over from time to time to maintain your property outdoors. Perhaps someone living in the area can come by and turn the leaves, shovel the driveway, cut the grass, and so on. So, you can maintain the look of an inhabited home, even from miles away.


As mentioned earlier, most intruders will not be dealing with a vacation home if it looks like someone is living in there. Therefore, you should consider installing lights on the outside of your home near the dark areas, doors, and windows. You may want to use timers and motion detectors to keep a track on the place. It may also be helpful to install timers on lights and even radios on the inside of your home to make it look like someone is at home.

Safe doors and windows

Make sure your windows are safe too, especially on the ground floor. If your window lock does not work very well, you may want to consider putting a needle or nail in the frame or wedge it with a pole. With the Bay Area smart home installation option, you will have to worry less since all of your security needs will be taken care of.