Extend Your Home’s Outside with a Weatherproof Patio Enclosure

When you add a weatherproof patio enclosure to your backyard patio, it not only gives you a great place to hang out with friends and family, but it brings several benefits to your home also.

An Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are becoming all the rage all over the country. When you add a weatherproof top to your patio, you can enjoy the great outdoors in any weather and still be comfortable. Many outdoor kitchens include not only a grill, but also a refrigerator for your cold drinks, a fireplace to warm you in the winter and fans to help you keep your cool in the summer. It won’t make a difference if it is raining, because you are covered.

An Exterior Dining Room

Most enclosed patios also contain a dining table so you can eat al fresco on any given day or night and enjoy the great outdoors, but at your fingertips of your home. If you add an outdoor television and sound system, you may have company come over often to enjoy your extension of your home in your outdoor space.

An Easy Party Atmosphere

It’s much easier to clean up after a family gathering or a birthday party when you have it outside. You can have all the amenities of an indoor party, but without all of the cleanup necessary when small children spill food and drinks on your flooring. You need only to use the garden hose to clean your patio and you can put a trash can outside for all of the disposable plates and cups. This prevents you from having to roam the house and pick up all the debris.

Added Value to Your Home

When you enlist a weatherproof patio enclosure to cover you, you also make your home an extension of yourself by choosing a color that you like. This gives great aesthetic value to your home, but it also adds monetary value to your home.

Decrease Your Lawn Maintenance

When homeowner’s extend their living space to the outdoors with a patio and a cover, it reduces the amount of lawn maintenance needed. The patio area becomes that much less of the lawn that would need to be watered, fertilized and cut so it can free up some of your time to enjoy your outdoor festivities.

Protecting your Home and Furnishings

Your outdoor furnishings will last much longer when they are under cover. However, did you realize that a patio cover will keep the sun out of your windows and increase the life of your curtains, flooring and furniture so they don’t fade from the UV rays? This in turn also cuts down on your cooling costs in the summer to save on your utility bills as well as extend the life of your HVAC unit by it running less often to cool your home.