Few Common Mistakes to Avoid with Table Saw

It is quite natural, while working with any table saw, a new user may not be able to do in perfectly correct manner. There is a learning curve involved.

However, certain mistakes with even the best table saw under 1000 may cause not only damage to the tool but also lead to a serious injury. That is the reason, as a beginner one must use this tool very carefully.

Following are few common mistakes that must be avoided to prevent any accident.

Don’t forget to secure the material on the table

For securing the material you need not use another tool and fasten it close to the blade. You can simply hold all of them down by using your hands. Not doing this may lead to terrible blade pinch.

Usually, it can occur when both the material’s cut ends bent towards blade as nothing secures them. As a result, it may interrupt the blade which is about to complete the cutting.

Pinch of the blade may not hurt you but may damage your tool unless you immediately turn it off.

Wrong use of your push sticks may cause kickback

It will be perfectly okay if you are little more cautious about using your fingers quite near to the blade. You also have got push sticks to do that.

However, in case you are not aware about correct positioning of your push sticks, you may lose control. The extreme speed of blade will throw all the material into your direction just towards your torso. This is called a nasty kickback.

For preventing the kickbacks, ensure that there is a stick that is pushing near blade. In the meanwhile, other stick must be the one which will push the material in the direction of the fence.

As a user therefore you need to be careful to avoid the above mistakes to keep yourself protected.