Get To Know the Types of Kitchen Furniture Style to Find an Ideal Solution

Kitchen is the most gathered spot because lots of entertainment takes place in this room. Basically, a family gathers daily for meals. They share their happiness and sometimes sorrow, at the dining table. It is a place, where memories get created. Therefore it is necessary to create a functional and beautiful space, while remodelling the kitchen.

Today, you can buy readymade kitchen available in different styles and each has its personal distinctive feature. Let’s understand the different kitchen style and Köögimööbel  (Kitchen furniture) like tables, cabinets and chairs, which play a vital role in establishing an efficient theme.Image result for Get To Know the Types of Kitchen Furniture Style to Find an Ideal Solution

Traditional style – Practical & simple

The cabinets are framed in traditional style kitchen. Hinges in silver, bronze, or antique brass finish are visible. A glazed finish is provided to convey a distressed and age-old look. Baker’s rack and hutches are made typically from wood instead of metal.

Traditional kitchen style is simple and unadorned. However, it produces a ‘lived in’ feel. For example, the kitchen table features wood without any ornamentation.

Modern style – Shiny & minimal

The archetype of modern kitchen style includes sleek surfaces with shiny appliances. Simple hardware including linear and tubular styled pulls provides the cabinets a unique look. Tables and chairs are not over flashy, but have clean lines. Island with wood grained or marble top suits the style and the function aspect.

There is no intricate detailing involved in modern style kitchen. The décor is minimal and include geometric shape and utilitarian linens for towels, placemats, and curtains are preferred. Everything about modern style kitchen is modest with minimal bold highlights.

Contemporary style – Colourful & cohesive

In this style, you will see frameless cabinets along with full overlay hinge-less cabinets. Different materials like granite, ceramic, stone, and wood is used to design this kitchen style. Furniture in the contemporary style and modern style kitchen differs. The former allows ornamentation like colourful black-splashes and the latter avoid adornment. In a contemporary style kitchen, you will get to see bold, striking wall art or a fancy light fixture.

Retro style – Branded & character

Retro kitchen furniture reflects the styles of past decades or you can say this design is vintage-inspired. Buying genuine vintage furniture is expensive but buyers get to select vintage inspired designs. Home owners can grab a chance of reflecting a retro style on the era they prefer. For example, if you want to reflect 1950’s then select cabinets and appliances that match pastel colours like pink, yellow, powder blue, or avocado green.

Retro kitchen include décor and furniture, which imitates a reflective theme like Mickey Mouse, Coca-cola, or Princess Sofia. The cabinets, flooring, and appliances colour should replicate the theme.

Cottage style – Soft & soothing

An apron styled sink included in cottage style adds the country charm. Tables are painted white to blend with white cabinetry or include earthy wood tones. Open style cabinets and bead board is preferred for creating architectural warming effect. Colour scheme is soft and soothing. Light colours like khaki, light blues, ivory, and taupe resemble simple and carefree lifestyle.

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