Having trouble with your garage door? Here’s what you can do!


The garage door works like an extra entrance/exit to your house, and it is also a soft spot, because many thefts and crimes can be associated with that part of the property. As such, it is more than necessary to ensure that the garage door is working as expected. In this post, we will talk about the common concerns and issues with garage doors and when you should be looking for professional help.

Common issues with the garage door

  • The garage door wouldn’t work. This can be related to the garage door transmitter batteries or there can be a physical problem.
  • Broken panels. Wooden garage doors can break or have dents owing to storm or unexpected impact.
  • The hinges and rollers are loose. If the hinges and rollers don’t work as expected, it is likely that you wouldn’t be able to use the door.
  • The screws are loose. When the screws are loose, you cannot actually open the door or can have issues with regular operation.
  • The remote doesn’t work. In case the remote doesn’t work, you can try the wall switch. If the garage door doesn’t budge, it is likely to have some problem with the power source.
  • The garage door is broken. This can happen with older doors, and replacement is often necessary.
  • The door opener isn’t functional. It is possible that the door opener wouldn’t work as expected, which can compromise the use of the door and the garage.

Do I need professional help?

If you check online, you will find a bunch of hacks that are meant to solve your garage door woes. Sadly, most of these DIY ideas don’t work and have many risks. The garage door is a more complicated component than you think, and it is best to call a professional company like Premium Garage Doors repair. Most of these services will take care of repairs and replacement, and you can be assured of getting advice and help on selecting new door for installation. Professional companies also do their bit to reduce costs for homeowners. Therefore, when a repair job is enough, they wouldn’t actually suggest replacement.

Things to expect

If you are hiring a garage door service, make sure that they are licensed and will adhere to the building codes and regulations as applicable. It is also a good idea to check the range of services they offer and the brands they specialize in. Most companies will offer an estimate, but that should be offered only when an inspection is done. Gone are times when companies offered a flat charge for every repair job. Secondly, you may want to check if the service has its own team. Don’t be surprised to know that garage door services do work with subcontractors and often don’t have technicians for different jobs. That’s something worth avoiding, simply because you would want to be assured about the work. In that regard, warranty on the job is also important. Some services do offer a warranty on selected jobs, so check for that.

Finally, do get your garage door inspected at least once in a couple of years. Smaller repairs can ensure that the door works in mint condition for a longer period of time, and simple maintenance can avoid those smaller repairs too. Check online for local services.