Helpful Guides When Choosing the Best Router Table

A router table is a must for every person who is dealing with woodwork. A router mounted securely in a table enables you to move your hands freely thereby enabling to maximize your work piece control. If you are going to shop around, you will notice that there are a lot of router tables to choose from. This article will help and guide you on how to choose the best router table. There are key considerations to keep in mind and these are the following:

  • Even and solid top – Choose a router table with a rigid surface. The surface should be even if not perfectly flat. The even the surface, the more precise the cut will be. You have to see to it that the table is rigid to support the weight of the router and the plate. One of the commonly used materials is the MDF primarily because of its reliable stability and low cost.Image result for Helpful Guides When Choosing the Best Router Table
  • Flat and rigid base plate – Most router tables have a router that is attached to the base plate. The function of the table is greatly affected by the layout and structure of the base plate. You have to make sure that the base plate remains flat and at the same time can support the weight of the router. The best options for base plates are machined aluminium and solid phenolic.
  • Miter and T-Slots – Choose a router table that outfitted with T-slots and miter slot. The miter slot is useful in securing feather boards as well as other table router accessories.
  • Easy to position fence – The fence is very useful because it enables you to control the cut by pressing the work piece against the fence. Hence, it is a must to choose a router table made from sturdy and easy to position fence. A simple fence is made from straight pieces of lumbers clumped to the surface of the table. There are two primary types of fences being used: the one piece fence and the two-pieces or also known as split fence.
  • Stable and rigid base – The last thing you would want to happen is to encounter a shifting or wobbling router table. Hence, you have to make sure that the table is securely attached and properly supported to prevent shifting and at the same time minimize vibration.

A router table is a must have for every wood working project. Choose the best router table now by following the tips mentioned above.