How to Find an Affordable Storage in a Big City?

Moving to another city can be quite stressful. This is because moving not only involves transporting the materials to a new place, but it also involves packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, disassembling, assembling and settling the items in your new apartment. In some cases, you can’t shift directly to the new apartment due to some or the other reasons. For instance, if your new apartment/office is still not ready or there are some items that you want to take on some special occasion etc.

In all these scenarios, you will need to think and plan about storing the materials for some time. Hence, it becomes important that the moving company you choose provides long and short-term storage services. This will help you to save time by not searching for a moving and a storage service providing company separately. Following section will brief you on why should you use storage services.

Why to opt for Storage Services?

For Removing Clutter

There can be several reasons as to why people use storage services. One of reasons is that a storage service lets people store their excess items safely. Storage companies provide clean, secure and safe option for keeping your valuable belongings. As per the services that you require, storage facilities let customers to have twenty-four seven access to their materials. Moreover, storage companies have CCTVs installed in their facilities using which they monitor all units constantly. 

Apart from this, storage facilities ensure that no harm is caused to your precious belongings. This is why they have climate controlled and pest controlled systems in their facilities. These things ensure that furs and books kept inside the facilities don’t get damaged by pests or unfavorable climate conditions. You can reach out to Brooklyn storage facilities for availing the above-mentioned services.

Other Services

Some of the storage service providing companies offers other services such as truck rentals and/or use of facility’s vehicles for transporting your belongings to facility. Moreover, some big storage companies have started using mobile storage service under which a container is sent to your apartment. You can then, load your items in that container for storage. The company’s vehicle transports the container to storage facility where the items are safely unloaded and stored. 

Similarly, some companies offer labor services for handling heavy and delicate materials. There might be some extra charges for this service. It is however, important to note, that these people are company professionals who can perform the job more efficiently and effectively. Hence, professionalism and work specialization compensate for the extra fee that you pay to the laborers. You can just delegate the entire job to a storage company and then can have peace of mind to focus on other important areas. It might sound to be a difficult task to find an affordable storage in a big city; however, it is actually not the case. All you need is to do some online research and you can get desired services within your budget.

What Should You Ask a Moving and Storage Company?

After that you have found an affordable storage in a big city, your job isn’t finished yet. It is important that you just don’t choose the company you first come across. Make sure that you clear all your doubts before signing a contract with the moving and storage company. With online search, you will come across numerous companies; however, all of them might not be professional. Following section will brief you about the questions you should ask a moving company to identify its professionalism.

About Safety of Your Items

It is important that you ask the moving company about the safety measures taken by it to keep your belongings secured. It is advisable that the list of storage units that you have prepared, you visit them individually.

This will help you to see the condition of storage unit i.e. the cleanliness, maintenance, availability of security personnel outside the facility, handling and care of materials etc. It is also important to see the space availability at the facility i.e. there should be adequate space in placing the items such that one can move in the area, whenever required. Based on the professionalism of facility, choose the best option.

Accessibility to Materials

It is important that you have accessibility to your belongings as and when you require them. When you call your moving agent to deliver you a certain product on some particular date, there are some additional formalities and steps involved from company’s side. Such process can delay the material delivery. Some moving companies have longer lead times for delivering the items than others. Hence, it is important to clarify within how many days of providing moving news a particular company deliver the product. It is important that the chosen moving company has faster delivery options so that you can get the product within the required time.

Items That Can’t Be Stored

During your discussion/meeting with the moving company, it is important to check/clarify which all items you can store. Moving companies usually have a list of items that can be placed in the storage units. For instance, furniture, kitchen accessories, computers, antiques, mattresses, boxes of books, electronic equipment, pianos, musical instruments, linens and furs etc. can be placed in the storage units.

However, there are certain perishable and/or valuable items that moving companies aren’t licensed to store. Hence, before starting to pack your belongings, ask the movers to share admissible items list with you. This will relieve you from double work of packing all stuff initially and then removing valuables thereafter. 

Storage Insurance

Most of the moving and storage companies have transit insurance i.e. if any item gets damaged during transportation, you will get complete reimbursement. However, only certain companies provide storage insurance i.e. if anything happens to your belongings in storage unit, whether you’ll get claim refund or not. Make sure that you clarify this thing before signing contract with a storage company.

To conclude, storage and moving companies can be of utmost help when you move to a new place. All you need is little awareness about the company’s policy and functioning to ensure safety of your items.