Jack Daniels Barrels – Know About Their Multiple Uses

Kentucky Bourbon is actually the spirit that is prepared in America. The spirit get its rich taste only when they age in the barrels, which are designed using the white oak as the basic wood material, and hence they are best known for their taste all around the globe.

Once the liquid is removed from the barrel, the barrels are stored and exported to many parts of the world because of their multipurpose value. These countries use the barrels for preparing their tequila, rum and whisky and also for many purposes. Most of the other countries use the barrels for several reasons and some are listed below.

  • Sturdy Rustic Bars

Most of the bars use these barrels as table legs. The front area of the drum will be cut in the shape of a door and the inner layer of the barrel will be coated with polyurethane. The available space inside the barrel will be divided into multiple compartments and this is done by fixing the wooden sheets inside the barrel.

The barrels are sometimes used as the sink base in the bars. The container that is designed with compartments will be used for placing the glasses, rums or whiskey, etc, inside, or even to store away the wine for aging.

  • Wine Rack

People in today’s world love it when they get to store their wines in a safe place that is also artistic in nature. Each barrel is designed with the size to hold about 19 bottles of 1 liter wine. The barrel will be redesigned in such a way that it can hold around 38 wine bottles.

The barrel will be cut in two halves and the tray with around 19 holes will be installed in it. The holes will be of the same dimension like that of the 1 liter wine bottle, and so you can store away around 38 liters of wine inside a barrel. The wine tap that you find on the barrel will become the locking system to hold the two halves of the barrel in place.

  • Sink Bases

Most of the houses and bars and other such small business services use the barrel as the sink base in their place. A door will be carved in the front part of the cask and the sink and a plumbing line will be installed inside the barrel. The door gives easy access for plumbing connection.

Some of the places use the available space around the plumbing line in the barrel sink base for storing some of the cleaning liquid products.

  • Water Fountain of Bourbon Barrel

Barrels will be cut in half or in artistic designs to create a wonderful fountain. Here, two or more barrel pieces will be assembled to create a beautiful water fountain and can be placed either in your front yard or inside the house, with the access to the plumbing line. You can visit The Hungarian Workshop, if you are from California and find beautiful collection of barrel décor items sold at affordable price.

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This guest post has been written by Frank Spark.  If you are from California, then you can visit The Hungarian Workshop. They are best known for their woodworks and you will surely find the refurbished white oak barrels for your home.