Keeping Your Dog Safe While You’re Away

There are few better feelings than coming home from a long day at work and being greeted by your loving dog.  Their genuine enthusiasm and excitement each and every time you walk through the door is the definition of unconditional love.  And, of course, your love for them is reciprocated by providing them with the love, care, and attention that they need to thrive.  Unfortunately, when the alarm clock rings in the morning, it’s time to leave your dog at home and go to work.  Leaving your dog alone for long periods of time can be stressful for both you and your dog.  Fortunately, there are solutions to the problem.

One option to ensure your dog’s safety and happiness is to hire a dog walker.  This is a growing industry as the demands of the workforce are growing ever more competitive and demanding.  A dog walker will come by your house at an agreed upon time and take your dog out for a walk. Most services are customizable, but often times the walker has multiple dogs at one time, which can lead to a number of problems.  What if your dog doesn’t get along with another dog?  Is your dog getting the attention he needs?  Can you make room in your budget for a quality dog walker?

A second option is to leave your dog outside while you’re at work.  While this is a much more affordable option, it also leaves your dog vulnerable to a number of variables.  With no one home to care for your dog, they could be left out in extreme heat or cold, rain and snow, or with a lack of food and water.  However, option number three solves these problems while keeping your budget intact.

Offering accessibility and protection, a dog door is the best solution for your dog’s needs. Installing a dog flap for a brick wall, vinyl siding, or a wood wall is practical and affordable.  If you’re picturing the cheap plastic doors of yesteryear, think again.  These doors are state of the art and come with an impressive array of features.  Customizable flaps are magnetized for a secure seal after every entrance, a locking system keeps your dog and home safe when not in use, and a versatile design allows you to install the flap indoors or walls.  Whether you want a tiny door inside of your door or a dog flap for a brick wall or siding material, these doors can be placed virtually anywhere in your home.

These dog flaps are the perfect solution for your dog when you have to be away for long days.  They give your dog the freedom to be outside without the danger of overexposure to the elements.  They also eliminate the need to depend on a stranger to care for your dog.  Check out some great options for dog flaps and give your dog the comfort that it deserves.