Modern shag rugs add style to the room

Modern shag rugs are carpets that have a long pile and a shaggy appearance. In the modern era, these carpets are a new rage and are presented in different designs such as Persian, Oriental, Traditional, Contemporary, European, and Native American. You can use them for decorating a room setting. They were primarily manufactured more than 50 years ago and were a rage earlier. However, in the recent few years, they have again made a comeback and have gained a lot of popularity among people.

The modern shag rugs are manufactured using various kinds of wools such as art silk, New Zealand wool, leather, cotton, and felt strips. They add a great design to an open room in the office or at home. They definitely add warmth, luxury, or style to an interior setting, whether you want a retro look or a cozy or warm area in your living room or bedroom or a fireplace. They speak a lot about style because they are a focal point of any room. They are experienced best with barefoot and are perfect next to a bed or under the coffee table in a living room. Modern shag carpets are available in small sizes and you can find cheap shag rugs as well as expensive ones.

Acrylic shag rugs

Acrylic fabric is well-known for its amazing qualities such as stain resistance, softness, and luxurious premium feel that they add to the carpets. They provide a similar look and feel like that of the wools but they are actually cheap shag rags compared to the other varieties. The acrylic yarn dyes properly and they are available in different color variants. Selecting the acrylic shag rugs is a great option if you are on a tight budget. They offer the same appearance and texture like that of the wools but are available at low prices.

Cleaning the shag rugs

There are a few techniques that you should follow to clean the shag rugs. You can beat the shag carpets with the handle of the mop or with the broom to loosen up the dust and dirt. Other techniques used for cleaning them include steam cleaning, dry shampooing, vacuuming, and soaking up the occasional spills by a paper towel or a white face cloth. Before opting for any of these methods, it is important that you check the care tag of the manufacturer. These carpets at times need professional cleaning, so, choose the cleaning method wisely.