Most common types of houses for sale in Washington

Are you ready to start looking at houses for sale in Tri-Cities, WA but unsure of where to begin your search? Beginning the home buying process can seem very daunting. However, if you have the right team in place and a clear idea of the type of property you’re interested in, it doesn’t have to be a headache. At Retter and Company, we’re dedicated to helping Washington residents find their dream homes at great prices. Keep reading to learn more about houses for sale in the Tri-Cities, WA area.

3 Most Common Types of Homes for Sale in Washington

1. Single Unit Detached

It’s no secret that single-family homes are ideal for most of the neighborhoods dotted throughout Washington. Whether you live inside city limits or in a more rural area, you’re most likely to find single unit, detached homes available on the market. And with the real estate market only getting hotter in the Pacific Northwest, now is the perfect time to buy!

2. Single Unit Attached

The next most common type of home on the market in Washington is the single unit attached home or townhouse. These are not only popular in more urban areas but make for a great in-between option outside of the city limits as well. If you’re a first-time home buyer or a senior who’s looking to downsize now that you’ve retired, this may be a great option.

3. 20+ Unit Properties

If you’re looking at real estate in a more urban area, chances are that you’ll see plenty of condos or apartments dominating the market. These larger buildings typically offer a great central location, plenty of on-site amenities and convenience for home buyers who aren’t worried about sacrificing outdoor space.

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