Movies and an Inherent Relation That Can Change Ways Mankind Thinks

Anything creative can be quite disturbing, and it is not new how movies have provoked debates in the society. Names like Selma, American Sniper, Argo, Zero Dark Thirty have already provoked some kind of national debate, but how stronger can the trend go. Some of the recent studies have been carried out where students of political science were asked to give their views and fill up the questionnaire after watching these four films. And it was noted that the opinion that was recorded before watching these films have changed by almost 25 to 30 percent and the Government was subjected to questions more and more.

Being a movie buff to a different level, Marc Hagins believe that there must be some cause behind every action mankind involves into, and even watching movies is one of them. Considering it as an entertainment medium is a completely different aspect, and gone are those days where just entertainment helps you arrange a square meal. The reason behind making a film has become lot grave and there is strict reasoning in most of the films that are being produced.

As Argo and Zero Dark Thirty have been subject to discussion, both the films portray the Government as lackluster at its best. But the protagonists who have always claimed to raise the ladder of character in the film have always been portrayed as determined and hardworking. Marc Hagins believes that mostly the youngsters belonging to the teen age are being influenced by these films more than the adults, and hence the way they have been seeing the world changes with exposure to such films. This is how their socialization starts, and since the films do have a political inclination in the true sense, these youngsters are ought to absorb all sorts of influences.

But the ultimate question is how long these influences stay? Are they temporary or is the months, years, or decades that these movies have their impact. Movies have always been a great medium for initiating conversation, and by far, it has been one of the most accessible forms that are out there. There’s no doubt in accepting the fact that films like American Sniper can be easily picked up to discuss some of the highly charged topics of the society.

The Occidental world has always been accused of being racist and their films have always had such criticisms. It is true that discussing any of the taboo subjects can actually make a film highly sensitive and the more sensitive the issues; greater are the scopes of discussion. While all movies have the power to influence the views of the audience at large, at times the movies get influenced by the audience as well. The creative faculty of the director always hunts for topics that actually make his audience think twice, and hence they at times prefer picking up topics that the audience is speaking about.

The relation is binomial, and there’s no denying this point. Movies forever have been for an audience, and vice versa. All that is to be kept in mind is not to lose focus and keep making the movies that change the course of this world.