Landscaping not only increases the value of the property, it allows the family to get more use and enjoyment of the space. When the project is well designed, the yard becomes an extension of the home itself. An outdoor kitchen, a gazebo, a pergola, a screened in porch, a fireplace, or a garden path with built-in seating are all examples of how to bring some living space outside. The benefits include more entertaining space, a way to take advantage of great weather, and a way for family members to spread out more and have their own space.

Possibilities are Endless

A teenager who wants to have a private conversation on her cell-phone can settle in the gazebo. The book club that meets on Wednesdays can still enjoy the outdoors despite a light rain by using the screen porch. An outdoor kitchen is ideal for a weekend barbecue and watching the game if there is a large flat screen television added. A waterfall, a fence, or a pool are other options as well.

One-Stop Shop

Accomplishing the renovations of dreams for luxury and high-end yards takes a company that can do everything. Designing, landscaping, lhardscaping, stone work, and construction may be required to turn one unique design into an innovative reality. Custom work will also be needed to make the yard striking than any other in the neighborhood. One company, Kon-Strux, has over a decade of experience and specializes in luxury renovations.

Award-winning designs, in-house management, and teams assembled for each new project is how the company has become the premier contractor in Calgary, Alberta and surrounding areas. Every top-ranked company has developed a process that works for their teams, so compare a few along with Kon-Strux and determine which will transform the yard into a dream space for the entire family.

How to Prepare for the Consultation

The family will want to sit down and discuss any ideas that come to mind no matter how outrageous they may seem. One person should be taking notes. When all the ideas are on paper, review them again and talk about how feasible each one is for the space. Decide on the ones that most family members would enjoy and see what is practical during the consultation. A general budget is wise to have in mind.