Purchasing Refurbished Floor Scrubbers

For any commercial property owner and manager, keeping a building floor in good condition can be a big challenge. While caring for floors does come with some required effort, it is much easier to do if you are willing to invest in some commercial floor scrubbers. When you are looking for a floor scrubber, it could be beneficial to invest in refurbished floor scrubbers.


When you are looking to purchase a new floor scrubber for your building, you will quickly find that one that is brand new is very expensive to pay for. Furthermore, similar to other types of assets, scrubbers tend to cost a lot less after they have been used for the first time. Because of this, by getting one that has been used and refurbished, you can save a lot of money off of the original cost of the scrubber. Buying one that is used could easily save you thousands of dollars.

Modern Functionality

One of the concerns that people have when they purchase a used and refurbished scrubber is that it will not be as functional as some of the prior models. However, when you purchase one that is refurbished, you can be assured that it will be able to handle the same tasks and provide you with the same type of service that you would have received even if it was brand new. This can help to ensure that you are able to clean, scrub, repair, and improve the flooring of your property at a fraction of the cost.

Full Refurbishment

When you are looking to refurbished floor scrubbers, you will be assured that they have been fully repaired, refurbished, and renovated. This can be a very beneficial process that can make the scrubber work as good as it did when it was brand new. After the scrubber has gone through the refurbishment process, it will then be fully inspected and assessed. This will help to ensure that it is in great condition and is able to provide you with all of the benefits that would come with a brand new scrubber.

Product Warranty

While refurbished floor scrubbers are put through a very diligent refurbishment process, there is still a product warrant in place that can be used to provide you with more peace of mind. When you get a floor scrubber that has been used before, there still may be a manufacturer’s warranty on it depending on the original age of production. However, even if there is not, you can still get an additional warranty on a floor scrubber that has been fully refurbished. This can assure you that you will be able to have it repaired and replaced if it does not work to your level of satisfaction.