Questions to Ask When Choosing a Canvas Printing Company?

Choosing a company for your canvas prints may be a difficult thing to do, but whatsoever the case may be, always ensure to get answers to the following questions from your desired canvas printing company.

#1: Do you regularly maintain the printer?

This is extremely important, especially if you intend to make multiple copies of the same prints now or later in future. Controversy is a common problem between canvas companies, and much of these have to do with inadequate maintenance.

#2: How old are your printers?

A printer older than 6 years has become obsolete and may not produce the best print on the screen. Progress in inkjet technology means more color and inkjet colors with a wider range of colors. The accuracy of color can be lost, if they have older printers.

#3: Do you use a branded canvas?

Normally, some of the brands offer all poly-cotton canvas and more, but now they seem to be scarce. A good way to find out is by asking if they use a blend of poly-cotton canvas blend. This is necessary because all cotton canvas suddenly gets deteriorated, fade away, and even yellow over time. In addition, the poly-cotton canvas reflects the dust better than canvas and lasts much longer.

#4: Are your inks based on pigment?

If they do not use inks based on pigment, they probably will use solvent or dye-based inks. Dye-based inks are sensitive to spots and scratches and are more difficult to cover with a protective layer. Solvents based inks are improving but are still not yet equal with the inks based on pigments.

#5: Do you have photo labs?

Be tired of companies that specialize in another product line. Although photo labs work with images every day, the printing process of the lab is completely different from the giclee process used for canvas printing. If you make more inquiries, you can discover that they outsource their images to other bigger companies like Big Acrylic. Even though this will mean you will be getting a very quality job from such a company, you may not have direct communication with the printer.

#6: What mounting frames types do you use?

If you plan to allow the mount on the canvas, you would want to know if they use a sap-free lumber. Kiln-dried pine is the most sought-after among quality printers and is unlikely to warp, crack, or become fragile.