Do you have an event coming up and you are worried about crowd control or you are getting perturbed by how to maintain the peace and calmness around your event? Choosing a professional SIA security guard is always a good bet for your money. Consult a London security company today for your reliable guards and you can have some good night rest. In light of the ongoing planning for your event, you mustn’t miss out on one vital piece to ensure things run smoothly: the event security guard.


When you want to hire an SIA security guard, to come keep the peace at your event, it’s pertinent that you ensure that you are hiring from a London security company that can boast of the following features.

  • Certified and Licensed security guards

It is important that you always go for SIA verified security guards.

  • Regional Experience

Always choose a London security company that has a profound history in safeguarding, to provide you with SIA security guards. On the plus side, these SIA security guards recognize the security issues peculiar to any area in London.

  • Versatility

When it’s time to hire your event security personnel, always go for a London security company that has experience safeguarding businesses, homes and government. This all round approach to security gives you premium protection capable of handling different kinds of events/parties.


After carefully deciding on the qualities of the London security company that’s perfect for you, the next thing is to consider the size of your event. How many SIA security guards you need depend on the size of your venue, potential crowd etc. Always consult a London Security Company experienced in both large-scale events and small-to-medium sized. They give good advice, based on their experience, on the appropriate number of security guards for your event size.

Small to Medium Sized Events and Parties

Smaller events do not necessarily mean fewer security guards. Small to medium-sized events held outdoors over a wide area might require several guards. This is to control entry and exit in numerous spots. Such an event in a larger room with many points of entry may require the same.

Large-Scale Events

For crowd control at larger events or parties, you will definitely need significant event security. No matter the size of the venue, there’s always the risk a large crowd can get out of control. You don’t want an understaffed event from a security standpoint. You can run into legal issues by not having sufficient security, especially if someone becomes injured. Knowing the scope of your event, a London security company offers guidance on what type of guard is compatible. A high profile event, with high-value assets on display and VIP’s, may require visible armed personnel. A low-key event with no expensive assets in the space and fewer guests may require only an unarmed security guard presence.