Six Great Bathroom Renovation Tips you should not Ignore

Your house should have a bathroom that caters to your needs. If you are you looking to improve your bathroom to achieve functional and aesthetic goals, consider the tips below:

Pick Sophisticated Fixtures

Your chosen bathroom fixtures will impact the overall feel of the space. Keep in mind that small margins make a significant difference. Investing in a beautiful sink with a curvaceous shape is a smart decision if you are looking to exude beauty in your bathroom. If you have enough bathroom space, a freestanding bath can surely work wonders in highlighting elegance in your space. But, you can actually make your bathroom special even if is not spacious. With the right accessories, you can sure to achieve the elegance and functionality you have always desired.

Choose Durable Flooring

Bathrooms need water-resistant and durable flooring. Materials like stone, marble, and ceramic are common. Your bathroom floor must be well-sealed and hardwearing to maintain its wellbeing. Take the time to research and educate yourself on which flooring material to use. Your Renovco contracteur will certainly help you make the right choice.

Include a Nice Mirror

Your bathroom needs to have a mirror for aesthetic and functional purposes. A well-designed mirror is a focal piece and offers the illusion of space. Also, it is often a part of a mirror cabinet and gives the best mask for your assortment of toiletries.

Take Advantage of Every Available Space

In general, bathroom floor space is good. But, there may be some unused space in your bathroom that you can take advantage of. For instance, the walls studs can help you save floor space. Just ensure the storage cabinets have an interior depth of 3 inches or more and a door flush with the wall.

Choose Proper Lighting

When it comes to bathrooms, good lighting is paramount. Whether it is a shower or ceiling lighting, you must get the lighting right to create your desired bathroom look. The right lighting makes the bathroom safer and more convenient to use.

Choose the Toilet Right

The toilet is something you will use regularly so you want to last for the longest possible time. Purchasing a cheap toilet out of convenience will cause you a disaster someday when it’s damaged and you need it urgently.  Aside from choosing a toilet based on its look, you must also measure the rough-in and height. This way, you can get one that works for you and lasts for a long time.