The Secrets to Home Selling Your Agent Never Tells You

Selling your home can be a nerve racking experience. Even if you have the best agent in the world, things can go wrong and the unexpected is always showing up at the worst time. You can love your home and think it will sell quickly, then find out that just asking your friendly agent to sell my house is opening up a can of worms you wish you had left shut tight.

Suddenly you see your home with new eyes, notice the small things that need to be fixed and the big things that really need a change up. But there are a few tricks of the trade that many agents know and never divulge to their clients; tricks that help them sell but make them the magical beings we sometimes feel they are when we are at their mercy.

Forget About Market Timing

Yes, forget everywhere you read that they tell you to pay attention to about the market. Trying to time the market, to only sell when you feel the market is high, can be a mistake. Everyone else is looking to sell as well, and it is easy to mistake that current climb and sell too soon. Forget it.

Just look at what you want to make from your home, see what you think it will sell because of what is selling now in your neighborhood, and go from that. Market timing in real estate is a lot like market timing in the stock market, tricky and with a history of mistimed buys and sells that show just how tough it is to predict.

Empathize with Buyers

Don’t look at the potential buyer as the enemy, trying to get your home for a cheaper price. Get to know them a bit if they seem serious, and find out what they are really looking for from your home. At the same time, let them get to know you better as well. When you introduce the human element into the whole home buying procedure, you can bring down the tension and make it less of a hair tearing event.

Buying and selling a home is stressful enough with paperwork and bank deadlines, you don’t have to add to it by getting up on your high horse with the potential buyers. Connections may in the end mean a better price, a quicker close and everyone getting what they need, if not exactly what they want.

Be Open About the History of Your House

While you are supposed to disclose any problems your house has, we are talking about taking the extra step and showing what this house has meant to you and your family. It has memories for you, why don’t you share them at the Open House? Yes, you want them to know if the pipes make a racket and while you may not want to disclose that the neighbors are more than a little friendly, that may be a plus to your prospective buyer. Be frank and open while at the same time not giving away anything you think may jeopardize the sale