Tile trends worth considering for your home!

Typically, people associate tiles with bathrooms and kitchens, and while that does make sense for practical reasons, the possibilities are endless with tiles for your home. If you are considering the idea of adding tiles to your home for durability, style and function, below are some of the trends worth considering.

  1. Wood imitation tiles. Natural hardwood has a charm that’s hard to replicate, but with options like Carreaux Metro wood imitation tiles, you can achieve the same look and feel. Such tiles are textured and come in natural wooden shades and themes, making them ideal for flooring needs. Just make sure that you choose porcelain tiles for flooring in particular for durability.
  2. Honeycomb tiles. While honeycomb is not a new trend to be very precise, but it has made a comeback, and you can use this idea for the bathroom, including smaller bathrooms. These tiles are great for creating an aesthetic effect on the wall without relying on those big tiles for size illusion.
  3. Earthy tones. A lot of tiles are not being manufactured to imitate natural, earthy tones. No wonder, terracotta tiles are getting popular in eco-friendly resorts and spas. You can use such tiles for flooring or wall décor, as required.
  4. White & blue tiles. Many homeowners want to get their kitchen walls tiled, and they are confused with the wide range of patterned and textured tiles that are available in the market. If you want to keep it simple yet stunning, go for a mix of white & blue, which was traditionally used for pottery.
  5. Subtle narrow tiles. Installation of such tiles may cost more, but the use of narrow and slim tiles used vertically and horizontally on the walls is a new trend on the block. When you want to create stunning walls in the bathroom or kitchen, this an incredible choice by all means, and you can actually opt for shades like black to get an effect.

Before selecting tiles for your home, consider the purpose of your investment. Flooring tiles need to be strong enough to endure the traffic inflow, while that’s not the concern with wall tiles. It is also a good idea to consider the existing setup and interior theme of the house, which will help in deciding the colors and textures that would work best for the renovation project. Check online and find suppliers of unique tiles near you and ask for an estimate.