Tips to buying furniture in China – A Riwick Guide

Many of us might not have heard the world-famous furniture sold in the cities of China. One of the most significant places to buy furniture is Shunde town of China. There are huge malls built in the city that offer a wide range of furniture at cheap rates along with decent quality. The town sees thousands of customers mainly foreigners who visit every year to buy furniture from these wholesale dealers established in the malls. But being a foreigner, you might not be aware of the tips and tricks that are needed to buy the furniture from these malls. Let us have a look at the same.

Where to buy the furniture from?

Lecong Internation Furniture market, located in the Shunde town, is one of the most trusted malls as furniture sourcing agent. The mall is built over 30,000 square feet area housing over hundred wholesale dealers of furniture. The mall is a seven storeyed building with information center where attendants speak the English language, located in the mall itself for queries of the foreigners. There is a food court on the top that serves Chinese dishes as well as western cuisines. There is a small conference hall too made in the mall.

The shops are made in such a way that it is easy for the customers to locate the shop according to the furniture they need. They are arranged in such a way that the shops, in the beginning, offer modern furniture, leading to classic furniture, neo-furniture, art Deco furniture and typical Chinese furniture at the end. Fourth, fifth and sixth floors contain office furniture and home decorations.

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Also, there is a mall name Sun-Link furniture exhibition mall next to Lecong Market. The rates here are cheaper but the quality differs in a negative way too. It can be an ideal choice for the people looking for cheap furniture.

Tuanyi International Furniture City is located on the opposite side of Lecong Market. It offers the same kind of range of furniture as Lecong.

Keep in mind before ordering

  • Before placing the bulk order, you should always contact suppliers such as Alibaba or other furniture sourcing agent in China. You can then plan your trip further.
  • If you are planning to buy furniture for your home, you should be aware of sea transport, have knowledge about customs, etc.
  • If you are buying a single product but in bulk, you should always hit the factories rather than ordering them for the market.
  • But, if you are buying for your hotel or a showroom, always try the market first. You get a promising designing on looking and buying.
  • The maximum discount you can get is 20% that too when you are buying in a very big quantity. If the order is small, you can be offered a discount of 10%.


Sourcing Agent

It is very important to get yourself a proper furniture sourcing agent. You should aware of the services provided by the sourcing agents. The services offered by them are inspecting the furniture for the quality. They check the defects and replace the defective parts before shipping it to you. It is recommended to choose an agent from the sourcing company rather than choosing an individual.

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