What to Expect When Selling a Home

Selling a home is a tasking process that involves a number of people and resources. It is important that potential home sellers equip themselves with the knowledge of some of the things to expect when buying a home. The entire home selling process requires that you keep an open mind and be ready to deal with any obstacles.

Returns on home upgrades

Homeowners often assume that home improvement assures them of a price increase in the sale of their homes. The truth is that not all upgrades add to the value of a home. Some upgrades are superficial and unnecessary while others are core factors in the value of a home. In most cases, remodeling the kitchen and bathrooms by giving them a modern touch may give you an 80% return on costs during the sale since buyers pay keen attention to such rooms.

Before embarking on thorough repairs and renovations on your home, conduct a professional home appraisal. This will help you establish the current value of your home and identify the factors that need to change in order to increase the value. You will spend money on the appraisal but it will help you avoid wasting money on non-impactful improvements.

The intricacies of price calculation

A lot of factors aside the square footage go into consideration in the calculation of the price of a home. You will need to consider the following factors:

  • Location of the home
  • Current state of the economy
  • Current state of the local real estate market in terms of whether it is a buyer’s market or a seller’s market
  • Home upgrades
  • Age and condition of the home
  • Functionality

You should avoid comparing your home to the recent sale of your neighbor’s home since some of the above factors may be different when you put your home on sale. The Edmonds real estate market favors buyers and sellers differently hence, you should research on the best time to penetrate the market.

Buyer preferences differ from your style

Home sellers get easily offended when a buyer expresses a negative opinion about their home. It is important to remember that buyers come with varying tastes and preferences that may often not be in line with your own. Keep this factor in mind when seeking to stage a home or host an open house. Before the open house, ensure that you de-personalize and de-clutter your home to give potential buyers enough room to envision their lives in your home without distractions from your personal items.

It is often advisable for sellers to stay away from an open house in order to allow buyers to wander around the house asking questions and giving opinions without your interference.

Utmost patience

Home sellers often have an optimistic view about the ease of selling their homes. Statistics reveal that it may take a few weeks to several months for you to find a potential buyer, negotiate a deal, and close the sale of the home. In other cases, your listing with your real estate agent may expire before you secure a deal and this may plunge you into a fresh selling process. The key is to keep a level head and avoid desperation in order to find an ideal buyer for your home.

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