Why You Benefit From Drain Cleaning



When was the last time you cleaned your drains? The drain might seem like another realm that you don’t want to enter, especially with a pipe cleaner, but you should be cleaning them regularly. Preventative maintenance, after all, keeps your plumbing system running efficiently. Otherwise, you will be like many homeowners out there who wait until foul odors, clogs, and other unfortunate plumbing issues occur.

Here are reasons why you benefit from regular drain cleaning:

  1. Efficient Drains

The main benefit of clean drains is properly functioning drains. When water stands in the sink or shower basin, it proves that water is draining less slowly than it should be. That means there is something congesting the flow. When you clean the drains, the water will rush out, preventing standing water in the basin, pipes, and other places which could eventually lead to leaks and damage. You also prevent backflow in the toilet and kitchen sink—two places where you never see what goes down the drain come back up.

  1. Fresh Air

While foul odors in the air could be associated with a number of things, you should never discredit the drains as the source of the funky smell. When drains and pipes are unable to drain completely, it can cause bacteria and mold to build up and grow rapidly. Both tend to emit horrible smells. Also, depending on the type of mold, it could have a direct effect on your health and allergies. Cleaning your drains regularly will prevent mold growth and was away any spores or bacteria that could be clinging to the pipes.

  1. Leak Prevention

Chemicals and other sediment will form in uncleaned pipes and drains. These deposits will eventually damage the pipes and cause clogs, or worse, leaks. When drains are routinely cleaned, you prevent build-up and thus prevent leaks.

  1. Damage Prevention

Leaks cause water damage. Backflow is another story entirely. Spills and clogs are pure havoc, and if you want to avoid them, you should be routinely cleaning your drains and pipes. Remember, leaks are bad enough, but when this water happens to be from a congested and unclean pipe, that water is infinitely more dangerous, because it is filled with all kinds of toxic matter. Cleaning unsanitary water from your home is extremely expensive.

In short, if you wish to prevent damage to your home and keep the air quality breathable, you should be regularly cleaning your drains and pipes. It might not be the most pleasant task, but drain cleaning is far more preferable than replacing burst pipes or cleaning up unsanitary spills. If you don’t feel confident in cleaning your own pipes, a professional plumber will be more than happy to help.