Wooden Pallets 101

Even though there are numerous packaging choices available in the industry for shipping various goods, not all are appropriate for respectively. Your choice of a packaging option depends on the following factors.

  • The kind of goods
  • The location
  • The level of safety and security
  • The budget

Among all the packaging options available, a wooden pallet is one of the most suitable solutions for transporting goods. Wooden pallets in Denver are considered to be an ideal packing option when shipping things in wholesale or bulk. This is because, they are robust and unaffected, and are designed to support a lot of weight. Moreover, they are totally customizable and can be castoff to transmit a full variety of supplies. Wooden pallets are harmless and are less expected to cause tumbles when related to other packingchoices such as shrink wrapping.

Wooden pallets can be transportedrapidly by a single person using pallet jack or a forklift without causing any workplace injuries. Corrugated wooden pallets are light-weight, and this property makes them an ideal choice to save on carriageprices. These wooden pallets can be reprocessed many times and correspond to industry and environmental standards.

Different Types of Wooden Pallets

Remember, several types of Denver pallets that suit your needs if you want to transport goods with wooden pallets. Here we have discussed three common types of wooden pallets.

Block Pallets

Block pallets use both parallel and perpendicular pieces of wood and are strong and sturdy. The upper deck is supported by 4 to 12 blocks of solid wood with four entry points, making them easy to handle. This makes them versatile choice of pallets for transporting. Block pallets can be lifted using fork-lift, pallet jack, or front loader. These pallets come with or without bottom deck boards.

Decked Pallets

Also called as a stringer pallet, decked pallets have two solid sides that are usually 2×4 or 3×4 stringers between the top and bottom decks. More wood is used to align the bottom to mirror the top deck.

Double Bridge Pallets

They are similar to decked pallets and have notches resembling a bridge on the sides allowing for four-way entry. These pallets have little extra space on them as the wood extends over the edge.

An Ecological Choice

Wooden pallets are not only known for transporting goods safely to the destination but also for reducing the harmful effects on the environment.

  • Wooden pallets reduce carbon footprint
  • Preserved using heat henceforthremoving the essential for fungicidesthat damage and pollute the environment
  • Can be reused several times and less risk of waste
  • Can be manufactured via wood that has been rejectedhenceforth does not include the chopping of trees

Wrapping Up

Due to all the above reasons, wooden pallets are considered to be the most beneficialpacking for conveying various goods. Certain regulations and standards must be expected since the substantial used is wood. Visit to find pallets for sale in Denver.